Equality and Diversity

All the children in Glenurquhart have now begun learning about various themes within Equality and Diversity, using the new books we purchased and shared at parent meetings in November. These have been linked with our school values also.

Each class will have weekly lessons with Mrs Laird focusing on these themes. We have started by looking at ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds.

This has linked with our school values of ‘Positivity’ and ‘Creativity’ as well as, the work we have started on Growth Mindset and builds on learning from whole school assemblies. A part of this learning, each class has completed Dot art work in the style of an artist who left their mark on the world. This is displayed around our school – please do pop in and see. Each class will also create a dot character and piece of writing about how this character solves a problem.

P4/5 heard the story read by the author on their Smartboard.  They then got dots divided into four and passed these around the class for the other children to write one positive descriptive word in each section.  They enjoyed reading our all the nice descriptions about them.  P4/5 then looked at the work the artist Seurat and created a dot ‘without painting a dot’ in the style of Seurat using dots and Primary colours.  Some of the children also enjoyed mixing the colours to see what they could create.


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