Trip to the Highland Folk Museum

P4/5 report on the day!

We had an awesome trip.

I liked dressing up and being the character in the 1700s townshop.  The peat smoke killed bugs, protected the roof and helped preserve foods. 5 people would sleep in the boxbed.  If you were pregnant you would sleep in the cool part of the house.

I liked being in the 1937 school and learning about the history of it.  It was very strict. I was proud of my handwriting.

We found out that somebody paid £5 (a week’s wages at that time)for a banana during the rationing in World War 2.  We passed the Shinty pavilion that was damaged by a German air raid. We had fun milking the cow.  We remembered the mangle from our O.R.T book and saw one today.

Miss MacDonald’s report ~ we had a fantastic day!  P4/5 were a credit to the school with good behaviour and polite manners and asked lots of interesting questions. The Highland Folk Museum is worth a visit.  We did not get round the whole site and there was lots more to see.  It is free entry so could be a plan for the summer holidays 🙂

A few photos ~ more to come!


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