Give Litter a Lift!

Our Eco Committee led an informative assembly telling us about Keep Scotland Beautiful’s roadside litter campaign.  The campaign is calling for a week of action and for people to get involved by giving Litter a lift and taking it home!

We heard some shocking facts such as 50 tonnes of litter is collected from Scottish motorways each month ~ this is the same weight as 8 elephants! Over 100 bottles and cans are found for each mile of roadside in Scotland.  Crisp and sweet wrappers are found by the side of 71% of Scotland’s roads.  We were shocked to hear that 80% of marine litter starts its journey from the land.

P4 pupils (a.k.a The Litter Patrol)  made a start to our week of action by litter picking our playground and path to school.  They did a tremendous job!

Why don’t your family join in and litter pick a roadside near you to Keep Scotland Beautiful 🙂

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