Egg competition winners


Congratulations to our Easter egg decoration competition winners:

P7 Winner: Bath (Grace)  Runner-up: Bacon, egg and a hint of lamb (Eilidh)
P6: Winner: Starnight Fox (Constanza)  Runner-up: Garden (Poppy Murray)
P5: Winner: Papa Smurf (Alicia) Runner-up: Jeffery the Dragon (Bhavya)
P4: Winner: DJ (Aoife)  Runner-up: Unicorn (Sophie)
P3: Winner: Egg Shearan (James) Runner-up: Crunchy Bunny (Chloe)
P2: Winner: Darth Vadar (Liam) Runner-up: Egg Emojii (Owen)
P1: Winner: Ron Weesley the Hampster (Daniel)  Runner-up: Egg Monster (Layla)

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