Homework 27.11.17

P4/5 homework this week is to complete the new reading challenge in the pupil’s reading passport using First News.

We are continuing our work with money this week.  We have been learning the shopkeeper method to give change.

Step 1 Use coins to count up to the next ten

Step 2 Count in tens to the next pound

Step3 Count in pounds to amount handed over to shopkeeper

e.g My item costs 34p.  I give the shopkeeper £1.

Step 1 The shopkeeper counts up and gives me 6p in coins

Step 2 Then the shopkeeper continues his count up to 100p and gives me 60p

My change is 66p.

It would be really helpful to practise this at home using real coins.  The topmarks games (see previous blog) Toy Shop Money Game ~ mixed coins~ Give change games are really useful to help with this.  If you’ve got the hang of giving change, playing Check out change where you calculate change is a good challenge.  Recipe for Success is also a good game to you think! 🙂

Thank you for your support!

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